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Welcome to the official website of Hebei Chaoda sealing products Co., Ltd!
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was founded in 1986, has more than 20 years of history, is a set of product research and development, production and sales as one of professional modern private enterprise.2008 for the need of production of the two phase of the project covers an area of 100 acres, a total investment of 30 million yuan, more than 300 employees, the company strictly in accordance with the international quality system certification requirements the implementation of the quality, function, implementation of quality operation plan, and constantly improve the business management system, the company's products have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, the main products are universal trap zone, heat by Road sealants, polyurethane sealants, polymer anti paste, joint tape (double-sided tape, rubber deceleration Road) long, cold feeding, car tape (-40 +150 OC), waterproof insulation composite belt, Ding Ji sealant, fire prevention, anti arc tape, TFBO-50 semi conductive self-adhesive tape, armor Loading (industrial belt winding), silicon rubber self-adhesive tape, PVC electrical insulating tape, J-20 adhesive tape, JD-20 tape, packing belt, 20# waterproof rubber self-adhesive tape, 30# rubber self-adhesive tape, 40# nano high insulation tape, anticorrosion belt, product quality reliable, price concessions, delivery to leave a good reputation among customers.

The company's products are rated as brand-name products in Hebei province "Tai Fang" "super", "outstanding achievement award of the Xingtai unit of Mr. Wu Menghuai has been named the county, city outstanding entrepreneurs, many counties elected deputies. We are willing to provide high quality and efficient service to our customers, welcome all friends to visit us.

Super seal: create quality life with heart! To provide customers with high quality and efficient service
Professional technology
Company in strict accordance with the international quality system certification requirements
The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and other integrated management system certification.

The company's reliable product quality, preferential price, timely delivery, leaving a good reputation in the majority of customers.

With strong advantages, the company has rapidly developed into one of the largest sealing products enterprises in North China, which can meet the product demand of various industries at home and abroad.
Customer centered
Company in strict accordance with the international quality system certification requirements
Hebei Chaoda sealing products Co., Ltd. is a professional modern private enterprise integrating product development, production and sales.

It has an independent R & D team with more than 200 employees, more than 10 professional and technical personnel and 15 management personnel.

Strive for perfection in the products, put the needs of customers in the first place, and constantly improve the quality of products.
technological innovation
Company in strict accordance with the international quality system certification requirements
The company's facilities are all domestic high-end production equipment, advanced environmental protection formula and fully automatic production process

Adhere to the use of high-tech transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, independent intellectual property rights of the core technology and products.

The technical center of the company has a technical research and development team with excellent technical quality and excellent work style.
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≡  CONTACTS:Manager Wu ≡  TELEPHONE:0319-4368088 0319-4333899 ≡  FAX:0319-4368269 0319-4333899 ≡  MOBILE機:13932919068 ≡  ADDRESS:West Julu and Technological Development Zone
Copyright: Hebei Chaoda sealing products Co., Ltd      technical support:邢臺市網商軟件開發有限公司

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